VerticAlp Emosson takes you from Châtelard, a village in the Trient valley in the heart of the Espace Mont-Blanc, to the top of the Emosson dam, the second largest water reservoir in Switzerland.

In less than an hour, and thanks to three installations on rails forming an extraordinary tourist park, you will disembark at an altitude of 1'965m, facing the grandiose panorama of the mythical Mont-Blanc.

On site, you can take one of the many signposted paths leading to the Vieux-Emosson dam, to dinosaur tracks or simply enjoy the landscape and a remarkable natural site.


Starting point of the adventure. The two new panoramic cabins take you on an impressive 700m vertical journey, with a maximum gradient of 87%, making it one of the steepest funiculars in the world! As you ascend, the view opens up onto an ever more grandiose Alpine landscape, all the way to the Montuires arrival station.

 ChâtelardMontuires   10 minutes    60 persons

Châtelard village station

From the village of Le Châtelard, after a short walk along the hydroelectric plant, you arrive at the Funicular departure station. Stop along the way to discover all the information that will allow you to make the most of the installations and this exceptional alpine environment.

 the panoramic TRAIN

It winds its way through forests and tunnels on a mountainside to the foot of the Emosson dam. The panoramic train offers grandiose views of the entire Mont Blanc massif and overlooks the deep Bouqui gorges.

  Les Montuiresfoot of the dam     10 minutes    60 persons

Les Montuires station

In Les Montuires, with family or friends, enjoy the main activities of the park.

   Village des branché      verticalp café   Glamping    pic-nic


The last element of this trilogy, it allows you to access, via two cabins, the large square of Emosson, which overlooks the lake. This installation with an impressive 140m difference in height facing Mont Blanc will surprise you.

   Pied du barrageemosson    2 minutes    10 personnes

Emosson station

At the top of the Minifunic, you arrive at the Emosson dam, one of the three structures on the site, along with the Vieux-Emosson dam and the Barberine dam.