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Journey VerticAlp Emosson


The Châtelard funicular

Starting point of the adventure. The two panoramic cabins take you on an impressive vertical journey, with a maximum gradient of 87%, making it one of the steepest funiculars in the world! As the ascent continues, the view opens up onto an ever more grandiose alpine landscape, all the way to the arrival station at Les Montuires, some 700m higher.

Panoramic train

A mountainside trail winds through forests and tunnels to take you to the foot of the Emosson dam. The panoramic train offers grandiose views over the entire Mont-Blanc massif and overlooks the deep gorges of the Bouqui.


The last element of this trilogy, it gives you access, via two cabins, to the large square of Emosson, which overlooks the lake.



VerticAlp Emosson


  • Du 08 Jun 2024 au 27 Oct 2024
    Every day

These timetables apply to the funicular. They may vary according to weather conditions.

+41 27 769 11 10


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Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.061860343967254, 6.958126496220799

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